KORDAVISONA documentary dedicated to the Cuban photographer ALBERTO DIAZ “KORDA”. An intense graphic journey through the photographic process reveals the powerful images captured by KORDA, which are like reflections of the Cuban soul of the last 50 years.

Rum, the Revolution, women and the daily survival of the Cuban people exposed through the camera’s eye. The photograph taken by KORDA “Guerrillero Heroico” of El Che is the most famous of the 20th century and is revealed before our eyes creating an extraordinary moment in history.

We also see together for the first time four greats of Cuban classical photography, Korda, Corrales, Liborio and Salas where they talk about the impact their images have created in the entire world. In addition, our ears enjoy a representative musical compilation of the best of Cuba, led by original music of the master Leo Brouwer and selected pieces by Benny Moré.

The first video that follows is a short presentation:

Alberto Korda – part 1 (Havana Cultura)

Alberto Korda – part 2 (Havana Cultura)

Korda in America with Diana Díaz