Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Korda
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez
Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez

Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, better known by his artistic name, Alberto Korda (Havana, September 14, 1928 – Paris, May 25, 2001), was born and raised in Havana, where he studied business at Candler College and the Havana Business Academy.

In 1954 he is the founder and owner of Korda Studio (which in 1956 would be renamed Studios Korda) from where he carries out advertising work and becomes a pioneer of fashion photography in Cuba, granting him a true artistic category.

From 1959, he collaborated with the newspaper “Revolución”, and along with other lens artists he helped, as a graphic chronicler, to build the perceived image of the Cuban Revolution. He travels to different countries as a photographer accompanying the Cuban president and prime minister.

In 1968, after Studios Korda was nationalized, he founded the Department of Underwater Scientific Photography of the Institute of Oceanology of Cuba; There, among other scientific projects, he would work on the elaboration of an atlas of Cuban corals.

To this new facet, in addition to his many years of experience in the trade, he brings his aesthetic criteria based on creativity and the sense of art together with a concept of beauty and very personal framing that endowed his photos with a unique composition.

Due to the variety of subjects he pursued, Alberto Korda is considered the most versatile of the Cuban photographers of his generation. He is a cardinal figure in the history of Cuban art and is internationally recognized as one of the masters of Cuban photography of all time.

His most famous photograph is, without a doubt, the portrait of Che Guevara taken on March 5, 1960 and titled “Guerrillero Heroico”, which has become one of the most reproduced images in the history of photography.

1946 – 1947 Commercial Studies, Candler College, La Habana, Cuba.
1947 – 1950 Commercial Studies, Havana Business Academy, La Habana, Cuba.
1954 – 1968 With Luis A. Peirce, he is founder and owner of the “Estudios Korda“.
1959 – 1965 Periódico Revolución, photographer, La Habana, Cuba.
1959 – 1968 Accompanying photographer of Fidel Castro Ruz, Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba.
1961 Founding Member of the Photography Section, Cuban Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC), La Habana, Cuba.
1968 – 1979 Chief Photographer of the Department of Underwater Photography of the Institute of Oceanology of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba, Havana, Cuba.
1980 Advertising and fashion photographer (freelance). Havana, Cuba.
1980 – 1982 Photography Director for the magazine Revista Opina, Havana, Cuba.
1982 Jury. Salón Paisaje’82, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.
1994 Jury. Premio Ensayo Fotográfico Casa de las Américas 1994, Havana, Cuba.
1996 Jury. First Salon-Human Body Photography Contest NUDI’96, Fototeca de Cuba, Havana, Cuba.
1998 Speaker. “Cubans on Cuban Art“. Panel Discussion, Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCA, Los Ángeles, CA, U.S.A.
1954 First Prize for Advertising Photography from Banco Godoy-Zayán, Havana, Cuba.
1959 Silver Palm Award. Best Photojournalist of the Year. Revolution newspaper, Havana, Cuba.
1960 1963 First Prize (4). Havana Carnival Contests, Havana, Cuba.
1965 Third Prize in the V International Underwater Photography Contest “Mauricio Sarrá” Italy.
1971 Second prize. “26 de Julio” National Photography Salon. Cuban Journalists Union (UPEC), Havana, Cuba.
1975 Second prize. V “26 de Julio” National Photography Salon. Cuban Journalists Union (UPEC), Santa Clara, Las Villas,  Cuba.
1980 First Prize, Historical Photo. Revolution and Culture Magazine. X National Photography Salon “26 de Julio“, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.
1982 Distinction for National Culture. Council of State of the Cuban Republic.
1993 Replica of Maximo Gomez’s Machete. Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), Cuban Republic.
1994 Felix Varela Order of the First Degree. State Council, Cuban Republic.
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